Senior Pastor

Carlton C. Spruill

Reverend Carlton C. Spruill Sr. has been the Senior Pastor of the Allen Memorial Church of God in Christ since 1987. He is the third pastor in the history of our church and is a graduate of the State University of New York at Stony Brook and is a scholar of the Alliance Theological Seminary.

Pastor is deeply committed to pastoral service, strengthening families and reaching out to the community. He is a spiritual leader with a passion for Kingdom building. He speaks the word of God prophetically into the lives of God’s people for deliverance and healing. Pastor Spruill is innovative and creative as an author, administrator, preacher and teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is an encourager and builder of people.

His ministry and community service is sensitive to the needs of all people. The various ministries of the church are reflective of pastor’s sensitivity to the needs of God’s people in an era such as this. Pastor Spruill is a distinctive leader with proven Kingdom results. Under his leadership miracles have been witnessed, souls have been saved, minds have been restored and wounded hearts have been mended.  Pastor Spruill is a strategist and works untiringly for the people of God. Pastor Carlton Spruill is a servant leader with the tender heart of a shepherd who leads God’s people in humility.  He is admired and respected for his contributions to individual lives, the church, families and the community.

He is most grateful for his wife Carol and their children.

Executive Pastor

Pastor Andrea Wilder

Pastor Andrea Wilder is a career professional that has dedicated her life to Jesus Christ, His church and His people. Pastor Wilder is deeply passionate in the care of God’s people. She stands in strong support of our Senior Pastor in the delivery of holistic care and the spiritual development of God’s Church and his people. She shares a wealth of experience and spiritual knowledge that blesses the office of pastorate. She is a blessing to the lives of people. Pastor Andrea Wilder is a wife, mother and extraordinary leader and pastor. She is most grateful for her husband and children.

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