Family Life School

Teaching the Word of God for Life

 About The Family Life School

fls2The Family Life School provides exciting Christian education with a concentration on young people. There is an adult component that addresses the Christian educational needs of our adult community.

The Family Life School is a comprehensive, Christ centered program that meets every Sunday morning from 9:15 AM -10:45 AM. The school presents fundamental and relevant Biblical principals for the21st century. The Family Life School teaches the word of God as the preeminent resource for the development of life’s ethics and value.

The Family Life School is a principle based Sunday School that boldly addresses the issues facing young people today. The curriculum embraces Biblical, cultural and spiritual values that present Jesus Christ as our redeemer.

The Allen Memorial Church is a special place for all young people. The Family life school provides a basis for alternative decision making for a 21st generation that faces the challenge of new age and secular culture


Class Objectives And Applications

fls1Beginnings Ages 3-5
The Nursery-Kindergarten class provides the discover of God’s Word and teaches the children the Love of God through Bible stories, illustrations, games, puppets, arts, multimedia, arts & crafts and direct instruction.

Primary Ages 6-8
The Primary Class makes truth and value come alive in the hearts and minds of the students. The class empowers the student with the Bible and its principles as a partner for their life and development.

Junior Ages 9-11
The Junior Class will take a look at the world through the God’s Word. This class is designed to help each student discover the proper answers for the many decisions facing them today. The class will place Bible truth in their hearts and minds for triumphant preteen development.

Junior High Ages 12-14
The Junior High Class gives focus to the importance of submission to Biblical truth for life and future. Students will be given the Biblical tools to take steps in developing their